August 9, 2007

Women have abortions to not get stretch marks

Or so says our friends at Wisconsin Right to Life. WRTL claims that under the Healthy Wisconsin universal health insurance plan Wisconsin taxpayers would be forced to pay for abortions for any woman including(with my commentary in parenthesis):

  • The married woman who isn't sure who the father of her baby is and doesn't want her husband to know she's got a boyfriend. (Evil slutty women... And couldn't that be in order to protect her safety from an abusive husband?)
  • The woman who is having her third abortion. (Evil slutty women)
  • The woman who doesn't want the inconvenience of a baby to interfere with her career plans. (Evil greedy slutty women)
  • The woman who doesn't want to appear in her bikini with stretch marks. (That's just too ridiculous to say something about here)
  • Any other Wisconsin woman, for any reason, at any time during pregnancy, for as many times as she would choose to have one, with no restrictions whatsoever.

The last one is laughable because it implies Healthy Wisconsin allows abortions past viability. However since the state still bans abortions past viability (hell the state actually bans all abortions but its an unenforceable law) these abortions wouldn't be covered anyway.

Do they really think most women are so shallow as to have abortions to keep from getting stretch marks? How deluded are these people?

Isaiah 55:6-7: "Seek the LORD while he may be found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon."


Ms. Mamma said...

Yikes. You're very passionate, Eric. I don't think anyone should be privy to the reasons WHY a woman chooses to do something with her body. It's a total invasion of privacy.

Like when I had Snowflake, the state approached me via mail to name the father and seek paternity since there was no father listed on the birth certificate. There was a sheet saying that if I felt this was not in the best interest of the child, I could check one of their choices and I wouldn't be contacted again. The choices were:

1) incest
4)artificial insemination

Fuck them. I checked other and gave them no information. It's none of their business and I don't want their 'help'.

Then they add: Please enclose x amount of dollars with these forms to begin the process. Whatever, assholes. It's none of your business.

Why do we have to know everyone's personal business to the nth degree? Abortion is sickening and a shame, but it's not for me to decide if it's right form someone else. We don't even protect the children that are already born in this country and everyone freaks on this topic. All of this country's priorities are f-ed up.

End of novella.

Eric said...

They wanted you to pay money? For what? The only thing I figured the state might do is to make sure single mothers know that they have a right to child support.

There's a saying that the Republican party cares about children until they're born and in many ways its true. The number of abortions would decrease if women had access to birth control, the knowledge needed to use it and services so women know they will have the support needed to make single parenting a less daunting task (universal child care, universal health care, etc.) But in the end its really not about abortions, its about a small minority trying to mold America to a conservative Christian nation.

Ms. Mamma said...

Um k..where's the SR Portrait...

Eric said...

SR Portrait? What does that mean?

Ms. Mamma said...

senior portrait, SENIOR PORTRAIT

Ms. Mamma said... have to post something soon because I am so sick of women who have abortions to avoid stretchmarks. Grrrr.